Bus Services in York

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Monday to Saturday
HARROGATE Bus Station (station) 0830 then
1630 1735
Oatlands Corner 0834 1634 1739
Pannal Spacey Houses (station, 200m) 0838 1638 1743
Huby Weeton Station (Weeton station) 0843 1643 1748
Pool Methodist Church 0849 1649 1754
OTLEY Bus Station 0900 1700 1805
Burley-in-W. Red Lion (station, 800m) 0907 1707 --
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 0920 1720 --


Monday to Saturday
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 0725 -- 0925 then
Burley-in-W. Co-op (station, 800m) 0735 -- 0935 1735
OTLEY Bus Station 0750 -- 0950 1750
Pool Methodist Church 0756 -- 0956 1756
Huby Weeton Station (Weeton station) 0800 0900 1000 1800
Pannal Spacey Houses (station) 0806 0906 1006 1806
Oatlands Corner 0812 0912 1012 1812
HARROGATE Bus Station (station) 0825 0925 1020 1820

This service is operated by Connexionsbuses, using low-floor buses. There is no service on Sunday or bank holidays

For Sunday Dalesbus service along this route, from York through to Skipton, see 884

For additional services between Harrogate and Pool, including evenings and Sunday, see 747

For more frequent services between Harrogate, Oatlands and Pannal, including evenings and Sunday, see 36

For more frequent services between Otley, Burley-in-Wharfedale and Ilkley, including evenings and Sunday, see X84

For services between Otley and Guiseley, see 33A

For additional services along the whole route, see 762

For Huby, use Weeton station

Rail symbol
This service calls at the stations at Harrogate, Weeton (for Huby), Guiseley and Ilkley
Inverted rail symbol
This service calls near to the stations at Hornbeam Park (for Oatlands) (600m), Pannal (200m), Menston (400m) and Burley-in-Wharfedale (800m)

What's changed?

January 2016:
Service between Otley and Guiseley withdrawn, and all buses now run as X52 to/from Ilkley, with revised times

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January 2016