Bus Services in York

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This is the winter timetable, which runs from the end of October to late March.

The 2024 summer timetable will start on 31 March, and includes additional services running through to Aysgarth and Hawes


Sunday & BH
Wetherby Bus Station 0835 --
Scarcroft The Inn 0845 --
LEEDS City Bus Station (station) 0915 --
Headingley Shopping Centre 0928 --
Otley Bus Station 0950 --
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 1015 1410
Addingham The Fleece 1022 1417
Bolton Abbey Village Green 1030 1425
The Strid 1035 1430
Burnsall Village Green 1048 1443
Threshfield Shop 1058 1453
GRASSINGTON YDNP Centre (arr) 1102 1457
GRASSINGTON YDNP Centre (dep) 1105 1500
Kilnsey Tennant Arms 1113 1508
Kettlewell Shelter 1123 1518
Buckden Car Park 1135 1530


Sunday & BH
Buckden Car Park 1225 1625
Kettlewell Blue Bell 1235 1635
Kilnsey Tennant Arms 1242 1642
GRASSINGTON YDNP Centre (arr) 1253 1653
GRASSINGTON YDNP Centre (dep) 1300 1700
Threshfield Shop 1302 1702
Burnsall Red Lion 1311 1711
The Strid 1320 1720
Bolton Abbey Village Green 1325 1725
Addingham The Fleece 1333 1733
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 1345 1742
Otley Bus Station -- 1757
Headingley Shopping Centre -- 1820
LEEDS City Square (station) -- 1830
Scarcroft The Inn -- 1855
Wetherby Bus Station -- 1905

This service is operated by York Pullman, and runs on Sundays only

On the morning journey from Wetherby, the bus picks up at all stops from Wetherby to Harehills Lane then only at Leeds City Bus Station, Station Interchange, University Steps, Hyde Park Corner, Headingley Shopping Centre, Glen Road, Welburn Grove, Lawnswood Cemetery, Adel Mio Modo and then all stops.
On the evening journey to Wetherby, the last pick-up point is Adel (Lawnswood Arms).

This is the winter timetable. A more frequent service runs during the summer season, including buses to Aysgarth and Hawes, and is expected to resume in April 2023.

For Sunday services between Ilkley and Bolton Abbey, see 873

For Monday, Wednesday and Friday services between Ilkley and Grassington, see 74A. There is no service on Tuesday, Thursday or winter Saturdays.

For Monday to Saturday services between Grassington and Buckden, see 72

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