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It's snowing!

Where conditions make driving too difficult or dangerous, buses may be cancelled at short notice. If they make it through, they may be badly delayed. Unfortunately none of us can accurately predict what the weather will do, so we can't tell you in advance which buses will be running tomorrow...

I will keep the Twitter feed updated where I can, but I'm not going to be here 24/7, so your best plan is to check on each operator's own Twitter feeds, or phone the bus company you want to travel with.


Monday to Saturday A A
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 1010 1345 1830
Addingham The Fleece 1020 1355 1840
Bolton Abbey Green 1030 1405 1850
The Strid 1035 1410 1855
Barden Tower 1039 1414 1859
Appletreewick New Inn 1047 1422 --
Burnsall Bridge 1053 1427 1904
Linton High Bank 1058 1433 1909
Threshfield Wharfedale School 1101 1436 1912
GRASSINGTON YDNP Car Park 1105 1440 1915


Monday to Saturday B B
GRASSINGTON YDNP Car Park 0900 1240 1740
Threshfield Wharfedale School 0903 1243 1743
Linton High Bank 0906 1246 1746
Burnsall Bridge 0911 1251 1752
Appletreewick New Inn 0917 1257 --
Barden Tower 0926 1306 1758
The Strid 0930 1310 1802
Bolton Abbey Green 0936 1316 1807
Addingham The Fleece 0946 1326 1817
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 0955 1335 1827

This service is operated by Pride of the Dales, with financial support from North Yorkshire County Council

For Sunday and bank holidays services, see 873 (Ilkley to Addingham and Bolton Abbey only) and 874

For more frequent services between Ilkley and Addingham, see 762 and X84

change at Grassington for 72 to Buckden
runs from Buckden as 72

What's new?

April 2014:
Service reduced from 5 buses a day to 3, and no longer serves Bolton Abbey Steam Railway, following funding cuts from NYCC

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