Bus Services in York

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Monday to Saturday
Friarage Hospital 0850 1110 1445
NORTHALLERTON Buck Inn 0852 1112 1447
NORTHALLERTON Station (station) 0856 1116 1451
Ainderby Steeple Green 0900 1120 1455
Scruton Fleetham Lane 0905 1125 1500
Great Fencote 0908 1128 1503
Kirkby Fleetham Green 0910 1130 1505


Monday to Saturday
Kirkby Fleetham Green 0910 1130 1630
Great Fencote 0912 1132 1632
Scruton Fleetham Lane 0915 1135 1635
Ainderby Steeple Green 0920 1140 1640
NORTHALLERTON Station (station) 0924 1144 1644
NORTHALLERTON Buck Inn 0928 1148 1648
Friarage Hospital 0930 1150 1650

This service is operated by Dales & District, using low-floor buses

There is no service on Sunday. A normal service runs on bank holidays

For more frequent services between Northallerton and Ainderby Steeple, see 73 (Monday to Saturday) and 856 (Sunday)

What's changed?

April 2016:
Following funding cuts from NYCC, service between Richmond, Catterick and Kirkby Fleetham withdrawn. Alternative services between Northallerton and Richmond are available on 55, and between Catterick and Richmond on RR2

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April 2016