Bus Services in York

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Monday to Saturday
WETHERBY Bus Station 0930 1230 1430
Collingham Memorial Hall 0936 1236 1436
Scarcroft Moss Syke 0945 1245 1445
East Keswick Duke of Wellington 0950 1250 1450
Harewood Harewood Arms 0956 1256 1456
Pool White Hart 1007 1307 1507
OTLEY Bus Station 1015 1315 1515


Monday to Saturday
OTLEY Bus Station 1140 1340 1540
Pool White Hart 1148 1348 1548
Harewood Harewood Arms 1200 1400 1600
East Keswick Duke of Wellington 1204 1404 1604
Scarcroft Moss Syke 1213 1413 1613
Collingham Memorial Hall 1220 1420 1620
WETHERBY Market Place 1226 1426 1626

This service is operated by Transdev Keighley, with financial support from Metro. There is no service on Sunday or bank holidays

For buses between Tadcaster, Boston Spa and Wetherby, see X70

February 2017:
Buses no longer run between Wetherby and Tadcaster as this route is now covered by X70.
Revised timetable between Wetherby and Otley with buses running at consistent times.

October 2016:
Service is now operated by Transdev Keighley, with no change to the timetable

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February 2017