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Lendal Arch roadworks: 22 January to 23 March 2018

Roadworks at Lendal Arch in York (Station Avenue) will cause extensive delays for about 9 weeks.

During this time, all 196 buses will terminate at Merchantgate.

Stops at Ouse Bridge, Rougier Street and Station Road will not be served in either direction.


Thursday only 195
Aughton Main Street 0930 --
Ellerton Village Green 0940 --
East Cottingwith Ings Lane 0945 connection from previous column
Sutton on Derwent Hall 0958 0958
Newton on Derwent Halfmoon 1003 1003
POCKLINGTON Bus Station | 1020
Elvington Village Hall 1010 --
Hull Road Black Bull 1019 --
YORK Piccadilly 1028 --
YORK War Memorial (station, 400m) 1036 --


Thursday only 195
YORK War Memorial (station, 400m) -- 1320
YORK Merchantgate -- 1328
Hull Road Black Bull -- 1336
Elvington Village Hall -- 1346
Pocklington Bus Station 1335 |
Newton on Derwent Halfmoon 1353 1353
Sutton on Derwent Main St 1358 1358
East Cottingwith Ings Lane connection in next column 1411
Ellerton Village Green -- 1416
Aughton Main Street -- 1426

This service is operated by East Yorkshire with financial support East Riding of Yorkshire Council

This service runs on Thursday only

For regular daily services (except Sunday) between Sutton-on-Derwent, Elvington and York (via Wheldrake), see 36

For Sunday services to Elvington (Airfield), see 18A

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