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Coronavirus update

This service is running to the normal timetable shown below.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.


Monday to Saturday
THIRSK Market Place 1040 1230 1400
THIRSK Station (station) 1043 1233 1403
Carlton Miniott Dog & Gun 1046 1236 1406
Sandhutton Kings Head 1050 1240 1410
South Otterington Shorthorn 1055 1245 1415
Thornton le Moor Black Swan 1059 1249 1419
Thornton le Beans The Crosby 1105 1255 1425
NORTHALLERTON Racecourse Lane (station) 1109 1259 1429
NORTHALLERTON Friarge Hospital 1114 1304 1434
NORTHALLERTON Buck Inn 1115 1305 1435


Monday to Saturday
NORTHALLERTON Friarage Hospital 1114 1304 1434
NORTHALLERTON Buck Inn 1125 1315 1440
NORTHALLERTON Racecourse Lane (station) 1128 1318 1443
Thornton le Beans The Crosby 1133 1323 1448
Thornton le Moor Black Swan 1138 1328 1453
South Otterington Shorthorn 1143 1333 1458
Sandhutton Kings Head 1148 1338 1503
Carlton Miniott Dog & Gun 1151 1341 1506
THIRSK Station (station) 1154 1344 1510
THIRSK Market Place 1158 1348 1514

This service is operated by North Yorkshire County Council, using 16-seat minibuses. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on this bus

There is no service on Sundays or bank holidays

For additional services between Northallerton and Thirsk, see 70 and Transpennine Express

What's changed?

May 2019:
Change of operator from Dales & District to NYCC
Morning journey runs 10 minutes later

October 2017:
Change of operator from Hodgsons to Dales & District

September 2017:
Change of operator from Shaun's to Hodgsons

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May 2019