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Coronavirus update

This service is running to the normal timetable shown below.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.


Monday and Thursday only M Th
RIPON Bus Station 1000 1330
Hutton Conyers The Green 1005 1335
Wath George Country Inn 1015 1345
Melmerby Station House 1018 1348
Kirklington Black Horse 1027 1357
Sinderby The Green 1031 1401
Pickhill Nag's Head 1034 1404
Holme on Swale 1040 1410
Sinderby The Green 1045 1415
Ainderby Quernhow Ainderby Villa 1047 1417
Baldersby The Smithy 1055 1425
Topcliffe Post Office 1101 1431
THIRSK Market Place 1109 1439


Monday and Thursday only Th M
THIRSK Market Place 1030 1300
Topcliffe St Columba's Church 1038 1308
Baldersby Old Post Office 1044 1314
Ainderby Quernhow Old Hall 1050 1320
Sinderby The Green 1053 1323
Holme on Swale 1058 1328
Pickhill Nag's Head 1104 1334
Sinderby The Green 1107 1337
Kirklington Black Horse 1111 1341
Melmerby Station House 1120 1350
Wath George Country Inn 1123 1353
Hutton Conyers The Green 1133 1403
RIPON Bus Station 1138 1408

This service is operated by NYCC, on Monday and Thursday only, using 16-seat minibuses. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on this bus

For daily services between Ripon, Topcliffe and Thirsk, see 70

January 2020:
Route now serves Holme-on-Swale, with minor timing changes for points later in the timetable

May 2019:
Change of operator from Dales & District to NYCC
Revised timetable with service reduced from 2 journeys each way to 1 journey

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January 2020