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Coronavirus update

As a result of reduced demand for travel and staff shortages, some bus companies are running reduced timetables. You can find the latest updates at getdown.org.uk/bus/corona, and I will do my best to keep it up-to-date with news as it comes in, but if you have any specific questions then please contact the relevant bus company.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.

7 Park & Ride

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Text the stop number below to 63876 (spells 'Metro'), or click on a stop below, to find out where your bus is.

If your stop is not listed, go to YourNextBus to search the full list

Designer Outlet to York

Designer Outlet Park & Ride
Fulford Church
Imphal Barracks

York to Designer Outlet

YORK Clifford Street (Stop TC)
YORK Rougier Street (Stop CC)
YORK Station (Stop RH)
Nunnery Lane
Imphal Barracks
Fulford Church