Bus Services in York

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Monday to Saturday
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 0947 1047 1247 1447 1547
Victoria Avenue 0952 1052 1252 1452 1552
Hebers Ghyll Drive 0955 1055 1255 1455 1555
Wells Road 1000 1100 1300 1500 1600
Ben Rhydding Bolling Road (station) 1005 1105 1305 1505 1605
ILKLEY Bus Station (station) 1012 1112 1312 1512 1612

This service is operated by Connexions, and uses low-floor buses

There is no service on Sunday or bank holidays

What's changed?

February 2023:
Now operated by Connexions
Runs as a separate service to 962 but on the same route as before
Journeys at 1147, 1347 and 1647 no longer run

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February 2023