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Monday to Saturday
Sainsbury's -- 0932 then
Eskdale Road -- 0935 1735
WHITBY Bus Station (station) (4) 0756 0946 1746
High Stakesby Runswick Avenue 0801 0951 1751
Ruswarp Shelter (station) 0805 0955 1755
Sleights Station (station) 0808 0958 1758
Sleights Ingham Close 0811 1001 1801
Sleights Post Office 0815 1005 1805


Monday to Saturday
Sleights Ingham Close 0731 0811 0901 then
Sleights Post Office 0735 0815 0905 1705
Sleights Station (station) 0737 0817 0907 1707
Ruswarp Church (station) 0741 0821 0911 1711
High Stakesby Runswick Avenue 0745 0825 0915 1715
WHITBY Bus Station (station) (4) 0751 0831 0923 1723
Sainsbury's -- -- 0931 1731
Eskdale Road -- -- 0935 1735

This service is operated by Arriva

There is no service on Sunday or bank holidays

Northern Trains run a train 5 times daily on the Esk Valley Railway from Whitby to Ruswarp and Sleights

Rail symbol
This service calls at the stations at Whitby, Ruswarp and Sleights

What's changed?

April 2023:
Service reduced from every 30 minutes down to every hour
Sunday service withdrawn
Buses along the Esk Valley to Lealholm now run as 96

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Route description
from Whitby bus station via Bagdale, Chubb Hill Road, Rievaulx Road, Kirkham Road, Byland Road, Runswick Avenue, Ruswarp Lane, Ruswarp High Street, The Carrs, Briggswath, Coach Road, Ingham Close, Birch Crescent, Birch Avenue, Iburndale Lane, Coach Road, Briggswath then to Whitby bus station by the reverse of outward route

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April 2023