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Coronavirus update

This service is running to the normal timetable shown below.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.


Monday to Saturday
SCARBOROUGH St Thomas Street 0710 0740 then
SCARBOROUGH Westborough (station) 0715 0745 1745
Falsgrave Falsgrave Road 0717 0747 1747
Woodland Ravine 0721 0751 1751
Colescliffe Road 0725 0755 1755
Barrowcliff Briercliffe 0730 0800 1800
Hospital Scalby Road 0733 0803 1803
Falsgrave Falsgrave Road 0738 0808 1808
SCARBOROUGH West Square (station) 0740 0810 1810
West Pier 0751 0821 1821
SCARBOROUGH St Thomas Street 0758 0828 1828
Sunday & BH
SCARBOROUGH St Thomas Street 0910 then
SCARBOROUGH Westborough (station) 0915 1715
Falsgrave Falsgrave Road 0917 1717
Woodland Ravine 0921 1721
Colescliffe Road 0925 1725
Barrowcliff Briercliffe 0930 1730
Hospital Scalby Road 0933 1733
Falsgrave Falsgrave Road 0938 1738
SCARBOROUGH West Square (station) 0940 1740
West Pier 0951 1751
SCARBOROUGH St Thomas Street 0958 1758

This service is operated by East Yorkshire, using low-floor buses

A Sunday service operates bank holidays

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Route description - St Thomas Street (D), Castle Road (G), Aberdeen Walk (J), Westborough, Railway Station, Falsgrave, Scalby Road, Manor Road, Woodland Ravine, Prospect Mount Road, Barrowcliff Road, Colescliffe Road, Wreyfield Drive, Briercliffe, Scalby Road (Hospital), Falsgrave Road, West Square, Victoria Road, Castle Road (A), Queen Street (B), Sandside, West Pier, Foreshore Road, Aquarium Top (Y), Harcourt Place (X), St Thomas Street

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January 2022