Bus Services in York

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Monday to Saturday
WETHERBY Bus Station 0855 1050 1320 1520
Boston Spa Church 0903 1058 1328 1528
Newton Kyme Lane End 0907 1102 1332 1532
TADCASTER Bus Station 0913 1110 1340 1540


Monday to Saturday
TADCASTER Bus Station 0920 1120 1350 1550
Newton Kyme Lane End 0928 1128 1358 1558
Boston Spa Church 0932 1132 1402 1602
WETHERBY Bus Station 0943 1143 1413 1613

This service is operated by North Yorkshire County Council, using 16-seater minibuses. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on this bus

There is no service on Sunday or bank holidays

What's changed?

26 November 2018:
New service to replace withdrawn section of Connexions X70

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November 2018