Bus Services in York

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Monday and Friday only
Oulston Hall 1038 1248
Husthwaite Green 1045 1255
Coxwold Fauconberg Arms 1050 1300
Kilburn Forresters Arms 1058 1308
Bagby Greyhound Inn 1102 1312
THIRSK Market Place 1110 1320


Monday and Friday only
THIRSK Market Place 1010 1220
Bagby Greyhound Inn 1018 1228
Kilburn Forresters Arms 1022 1232
Coxwold Fauconbery Arms 1030 1240
Oulston Hall 1038 1248
Husthwaite Green 1045 1255

This service is operated by Hodgsons

This service runs on Monday and Friday only. There is no service on bank holidays

Thirsk railway station is 1½ miles from the town centre

What's changed?

April 2024:
Change of operator from NYC to Hodgsons
Morning journey runs 10 minutes later

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April 2024