Bus Services in York

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Coronavirus update

This service is running to the normal timetable shown below.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.


HARROGATE Bus Station (station) 0945 1145 1445 1645
New Park Hydro 0952 1152 1452 1652
Kettlesing Head Mill 67 1004 1204 1504 1704
Blubberhouses car park entrance 1008 1208 1508 1708
Bolton Bridge Devonshire Arms 1017 1217 1517 1717
Bolton Abbey Steam Railway 1019 1219 1519 1719
SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 1032 1232 1532 1732


SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 1040 1240 1540 1740
Bolton Abbey Steam Railway 1049 1249 1549 1749
Bolton Bridge Devonshire Arms 1052 1252 1552 1752
Blubberhouses opp. car park 1103 1303 1603 1803
Kettlesing Head Mill 67 1107 1307 1607 1807
New Park Hydro 1118 1318 1618 1818
HARROGATE Bus Station (station) 1128 1328 1628 1828

This service is operated by Transdev Harrogate, as part of the Dalesbus network. These buses run on Saturdays only from 22 May 2021.

ENCTS free passes are not valid on this service. Discounted fares are available for pass-holders.

Dalesbus is a comprehensive set of routes covering the North Yorkshire Dales and providing links to surrounding areas. It is managed by Dales and Bowland Community Interest Company, with financial support.

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April 2021