Bus Services in York

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Coronavirus update

This service is running to the normal timetable shown below.

Please remember that you must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport unless you are exempt, and avoid paying with cash if possible to reduce the risk to yourself and others.


Monday to Friday
SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 1130 1330
Newmarket Street 1133 1333
Hurrs Road 1136 1336
Hillside Crescent 1139 1339
Whinney Gill 1143 1343
Greatwood North Parade 1147 1347
Cawder Road 1151 1351
SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 1155 1355


Monday to Friday
SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 0930 1030 1230 1430
Cawder Road 0934 1034 1234 1434
Greatwood North Parade 0937 1037 1237 1437
Whinney Gill 0939 1039 1239 1439
Hillside Crescent 0942 1042 1242 1442
Hurrs Road 0946 1046 1246 1446
Newmarket Street 0949 1049 1249 1449
SKIPTON Bus Station (station, 600m) 0955 1055 1255 1455

This service is operated by North Yorkshire County Council. There is no service at weekends or on bank holidays. Please note this route is run by a 16-seater minibus, and cannot accommodate wheelchairs

What's new?

July 2014:

Service increased to 6 journeys a day, with buses now running at half-past rather than on the hour, and some journeys now running the other way round the loop

May 2014:

Service now run by NYCC and reduced from hourly to 5 times a day, and Saturday service withdrawn, following closure of Pennine Motors

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July 2014