Bus Services in York

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Timetable change: 27 October

From 27 October, this service will be increased to run 6 times a day – see revised timetable


Monday to Friday
SKIPTON Bus Station 1015 1215 1415
SKIPTON Station (station) 1018 1218 1418
Waltonwrays 1021 1221 1421
Carleton The Swan 1025 1225 1425


Monday to Friday
Carleton The Swan 1025 1225 1425
Waltonwrays 1028 1228 1428
SKIPTON Station (station) 1031 1231 1431
SKIPTON Bus Station 1035 1235 1435

This service is operated by North Yorkshire County Council. There is no service at weekends or on bank holidays. Please note this route is run by a 16-seater minibus

What's new?

May 2014:

Service now run by NYCC and reduced from hourly to 3 times a day, and Saturday service withdrawn, following closure of Pennine Motors

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May 2014