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Coronavirus update

As a result of reduced demand for travel and staff shortages, most bus companies are running reduced timetables, although these have started to return towards normal in June. You can find the latest updates at getdown.org.uk/bus/corona, and I will do my best to keep it up-to-date with news as it comes in, but if you have any specific questions then please contact the relevant bus company.

From 15 June, passengers must wear a mask or face covering when using public transport.

You can reduce the risk of spreading infection by using contactless payment rather than cash wherever possible. Stay safe.


Monday to Friday
SKIPTON Bus Station 0905 1005 1105 1205 1340 1500
SKIPTON Station (station) 0908 1008 1108 1208 1343 1503
Waltonwrays 0911 1011 1111 1211 1346 1506
Carleton The Swan 0915 1015 1115 1215 1350 1510


Monday to Friday
Carleton The Swan 0915 1015 1115 1215 1350 1510
Waltonwrays 0923 1023 1123 1223 1358 1518
SKIPTON Station (station) 0927 1027 1127 1227 1402 1522
SKIPTON Bus Station 0930 1030 1130 1230 1405 1525

This service is operated by North Yorkshire County Council. There is no service at weekends or on bank holidays. Please note this route is run by a 16-seater minibus, and cannot accommodate wheelchairs

What's new?

October 2014:

Service increased from 3 journeys off-peak to 6 journeys off-peak, although still nothing at weekends or for commuters

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October 2014