Pocklington Bridge Club

Results: 21 August 2009 Summer Pairs


1st Jane and Keith 61.7%
2nd Louise and David C 59.6%
3rd Janet and David M 56.9%
4th Olivia and Ann 55.9%
5th Julia and Mike 55.2%
6th Shirley and Nora 53.5%
7th Eunice and Martin 53.1%
8th Lynda and Ian O 50.9%
9th Thelma and Sam 47.6%
10th Lilla and Margaret 45.7%
11th Andu and Joyce 45.1%
12th Dora and Lorna 43.1%
13th Kathleen and Peter 41.7%
14th Eileen G and Ken 38.5%
15th Jean and Peggie 38.2%