Pocklington Bridge Club

Rules & Etiquette
At the end of a trick

At the end of a trick, when all four players have played a card and you are happy with the play, turn your card over, face down. If your partnership won the trick, place it lengthways, pointing to you and your partner - if you lost the trick, place it sideways, pointing to your opponents.

If one of the other players turns his or her card over before you have had noted what it was, and you have not yet turned your card over, you may ask them to show it again.

Once you have turned your card over, you may not ask any other player to show you what card they played.

Even if you know that you have won, or lost, the trick, you should always check what everyone has played. It's easy to miss when a player discards if you aren't paying attention, especially if they discard the same colour as the suit led.

You may look at the most recent card played by one of the winning partnership to ascertain who has the lead, if this is necessary, because players can not remember or agree on who won the trick.

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