Pocklington Bridge Club

Rules & Etiquette
At the start of the hand

When the bidding has been concluded, all players' bidding cards, including Pass, X and XX, should remain on the table until after the first card has been led.

The player who is leading to the first trick should play his card face-down, and ask his partner if he has any questions. This gives his partner a final chance to check any aspect of the bidding, including enquiring what conventional bids mean, before play starts. It also prevents a player from inadvertantly leading out of turn. When his partner is happy with the bidding, he should reply "No questions"; the card is turned over and play begins.

You should not stop to put your bidding cards away or write the contract on your scorecard if it is your turn to play - you will have plenty of time to do this once dummy has laid his hand down.

The board should, wherever possible, be left on the table during play. Where the table is too small to do this, it may be removed only after the first card has been led.

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