Pocklington Bridge Club

Rules & Etiquette
Pace of play

Bid and play at a regular pace - if you bid or play very quickly after the previous player, or if you take too long, it may be offputting for other players and could give them information about what is in your hand.

For example, when your opponent is trying to play a finesse past you and you hold the crucial card, if you hesitate before playing, he may deduce that you do hold that card. Each hand should take about 7 minutes to bid, play and score.

If you hesitate for too long during the bidding, your partner may infer from this that you have a borderline hand and so might bid with a weaker hand than he would otherwise want. This is not allowed! Passing unauthorised information in this, or any other, way is a serious offence and is likely to invoke a penalty from the director.

When Dummy has laid his hand on the table, Declarer should take time to look at it and consider how he will play the cards before he plays the first one - even if it is obvious what card he will play to the first trick - so that he should not need to stop to think so often during play.

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