Bus Services in York

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Summer service

This service has now finished for Summer 2017. No information is yet available on the service for 2018, but it may operate to a similar timetable again.


Sunday & BH
SALTBURN Station Square (station) 0850 --
Marske High Street (station) 0857 --
Redcar Central Station (station) 0903 --
Dunsdale War Memorial 0919 --
GUISBOROUGH Market Place 0925 --
Newton under Roseberry 0934 --
Great Ayton High Green 0938 --
STOKESLEY High Street 0946 --
Swainby Blackhorse Lane 0958 --
Ingleby Cross Post Office 1002 --
NORTHALLERTON County Hall (station) 1025 --
Carlton Miniott Ripon Way (station) 1045 1525
THIRSK Market Place 1050 1530
Coxwold The Fauconberg 1102 1542
Byland Abbey Abbey Inn 1105 1545
Ampleforth White Swan 1110 1550
HELMSLEY Market Place 1120 1600


Sunday & BH
HELMSLEY Market Place 1430 1630
Ampleforth White Swan 1440 1640
Byland Abbey Abbey Inn 1445 1645
Coxwold The Fauconberg 1448 1648
THIRSK Market Place 1500 1700
Carlton Miniott Ripon Way (station) 1500 1705
NORTHALLERTON Station (station) -- 1730
Ingleby Cross Post Office -- 1755
Swainby Blackhorse Lane -- 1800
STOKESLEY High Street -- 1810
Great Ayton High Green -- 1820
Newton under Roseberry -- 1824
GUISBOROUGH Market Place -- 1834
Dunsdale War Memorial -- 1840
Redcar Central Station (station) - 1854
Marske High Street (station) -- 1902
SALTBURN Station Square (station) -- 1909

This service is operated by Arriva, running on Sundays and bank holidays from 3 July to 25 September (2016 season)

Buses run as M16 between Saltburn and Stokesley
Buses run as M10 between Stokesley and Northallerton
Buses run as M11 between Northallerton and Helmsley

Although buses may show 'Stokesley' or 'Northallerton' as the destination, it is a through service and through tickets are available, although passengers using ENCTS passes may need to show them again at these points. This is due to regulations on routes more than 50km long.

Connections are available with M2 running to/from Darlington and Middlesbrough, and with M3 running to/from Danby and Pickering - change at Guisborough.

Connections are available with 128 to/from Pickering and Scarborough (and for onward connections to Hull) - change at Helmsley.

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June 2016